Voices Beyond These Walls: A Sound Performance at the Fremantle Arts Centre (2011)

The Fremantle Arts Centre has had a diverse history since its original purpose in 1861 as a lunatic asylum for the mentally unsound during early colonial days. Through its use through the 1900s as an old woman’s home, a convict gaol, a naval supply depot and technical school, narratives written into stone literally and metaphorically resonate with the emotions of time past.

These stories are retold through abstract soundscapes and field recordings in the effort to reconnect the listener with the geographical and historical architecture of the Arts Centre.

“This marvellous building should have a programme of activities where art was in action, not simply on the walls”

Joel Ong is a musician and artist whose installations and performances engage with the visitor through unconventional means. His current engagement with biology explores the different contexts of listening that arise from bio-mechanical and psychological processes. His interests span nanotechnology, architectural acoustics and bioacoustics.

Kynan Tan is a sound artist who creates installation, performances and recorded works that investigate the use of digital technology in creating immersive and temporal audio-visual environments. His live performance works are based on scored and improvised instrumental parts and real-time manipulation with the computer software Max/MSP.



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