lynette’s installation piece

So after a couple of months, here’s Lynette’s beautiful finished piece, sitting at the entrance of the 1st floor gallery at the Architecture and Fine Arts department of UWA.

A Line Between, 2010
Lynette Tan
Tank sculpture, video projection and sound

As a study of a site for artistic engagement, A Line Between puts the interstitial layer between 2 visually distinct mediums air and water within focus, attempting to reflect upon the water surface as a site of liminality.

Inspired by Ts Eliot’s The Wasteland where water and land are distinctly juxtaposed, my project takes a similar view on the dichotomy between air and water, zooming in on the location and instance of this differentiation.

With the aid of video projection, the viewer is invited to share my experiences bobbing above and below the line of separation.  Observe the way the water level forms an almost opaque layer above the water, and how light is refracted through it.  The architecture of the tank, which forms the main construction process for the installation, also plays homage to the tanks visible in Hannes Broecker’s conceptual piece, Drink away the Art, perhaps alluding to the liminal nature of this line due to evaporation and condensation.

well done babe 🙂

now Helena has a place to stay


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