Friday’s contribution

It’s late but full on chinese food at Abishek’s sendoff dinner, heres an update on the progress at the studio.
more photographs than writings, but there were much more conversations and discussions about the art and science of the project today.  Tarsh and Louis rocked up to the studio whilst waiting for dinner today and had a little fun going through the slightly altered stethoscopes.  Tarsh was talking about some interesting performance art that featured rather innovative use of the body as an interactive system.. (this discussion was sparked by a mention of the Japanese artist who wired his body into the circuit of an amplified guitar.  I cant for the life of me remember his name so ill do some more research and get back to it).  Basically it was great just chatting about art and how that made us feel.. and also about the interesting story of Louis and her motorcycle helmut exemptions.

I had some time in the morning to work on the circuitry and i was really glad that the microphone seemed to be working, though the amplifier circuit has a bloody noisy scream.  i still dont know why, but ill try to muck around with the wires tomorrow morning and see how then.  It might end up sounding really electronic i.e. the heart sounds is not so much amplified as it is added to noise to make the screaming kinda ‘beat’ – stochastic resonance? maybe, but if it does end up in short bursts of electronic feedback, i guess thats an end that is tragic but somewhat beautiful.

Heres a very stylised look at the setup.  (I don’t mean to package the image as more than the work, it just seems a very natural response to try to explore what possibilities the programme can offer to a representation)

And further on, i played around with the idea of distance between doctor and patient and the mediation of this relationship by the stethoscope, which is a symbol of the exclusive privilege (knowledge/power) awarded to the bearer of the technology.  It was also with regards to the physical distance physicians had to have when dealing with their patients that to minimise contact, the stethoscope mediated the auscultation practice that would otherwise be immediate – ear on chest.  Some shots of Tarsh and Louis testing out the new stethoscope designs.

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