the week is drawing to a close

and yet there are miles to go before i sleep
miles to go before i sleep.

like worms on the floor they squirm
and turn
to devour flesh and filter, searching the little naked skin that moves
like a drum

and hum
like they understood the way they were to be listened to.

i managed to do a little bit more today with the solder..  fixed up a little workshop by the window.  It was a great looking day today, and im fairly surprised i was so engrossed in work i forgot to take some photographs of the view outside.  Even construction sites look good in this sun!  nonetheless i took these before i left the studio today.

I had a little time with the theremin circuitry, so i did another little jam with the optical sensor fed into a no-input mixer, mashing things up and seeing how it worked.  it sounded quite interesting actually, with a good organic feel cos of the sensor’s interaction with the light.

Theremin and No-input Mixer Listen!

sounds like a fun project to me…

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