PICA 2010 – Entering the unknown

In the thick of Perth’s considerably subtle winter, I will begin a residency period at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art housed within the performance studio at the beautiful gallery in Northbridge.  As an extension of the Sounding Body project presented while doing a stint at WAAPA, Edith Cowan University with Dr Cat Hope, the PICA project will feature once again the stethoscope as the main tool for engaging with minute embodied soundscapes.

I was supposed to get into the studio today .. but surprise surprise there was another problem with the car.  Apparently there was a red light infringement in November last year that i never knew about . and all that time up till today it was festering in the Dotag office getting plumper and juicier till it finally burst open at an overripe amount of 260 bucks.  I need to pay that (and another two other seperate infringements) before i can renew my Rego and drive the car legally on the roads again.  I had packed all the speakers and wires from the Sounding Body project and was aiming to set up the stuff and wire up some loudspeakers.. maybe start capitalizing on the fact the studio was away from the gallery and test the acoustics of the room.  By test i mean loud drones textural soundscapes ambient beats long stretched out guitar loops.. not tonight i guess.  probably soon though.  Ultimately its a beautiful room with a brick wall and wooden floors, and nothing much else.. cant wait to fill it with sound.  Ill upload some photos when i can 🙂

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