First look at the performance studio

So i finally got to the studio today and had a little inauguration ceremonial dance.  hooked up some speakers in the room – Edirols with a very strong bass line.. would be a little distracting apart from the fact that i am trying somewhat to resonate the room.. at least for a start. 🙂

Heres some photographs of the place.

Lynette doing a little jig in the space.

Its a great space, very different from the facade of PICA’s main galleries and i suppose the other studios.  Its a little more ‘raw’, very textured, and most importantly, is empty.  I cant remember the last time i had access to a room i didn’t need to fill with all manner of furniture.  No beds, no tables, no bookcases, not even chairs.  Lets hope it translates to an openness of ideas and experience.   Theres even a nice little sitting area outside amidst carnivalesque scrawls on the wall and dusty wooden flooring.

rustic chic. 🙂

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