Why do i love Perth?

Why do i love Perth?

well for a start maybe ‘love’ is too strong a word.. and even though its getting there i know better than to get swept off my feet/head and jinx the rest of my time here.

But here is one good reason why i ‘love’ Perth.  I don’t know if its the people that are more generous, or if it is cos they price objects (i mean 2nd hand ones) according to its value to them – meaning if they had a car that was 20 years old, but it had heaps of sentimental memories/stains/smells, they’d price it like a brand new Mercedes.  On the flip side, if they’ve got a treasure, but really havent got use for it, they’d price it as they felt it was; which is what i think i got here.   Friends, meet the National(Matsushita) TR-5010A TV/radio made in Japan.  A quick search on the internet shows that this piece of audio-visual equipment dates back to the early 1980s.  and is still amazingly good as new.  Where an ebay seller could and probably would price this at USD 200-300, i got this piece for AUD20.

my new toy.


Powering up the old lady

Powering up the old lady

here are some examples of the kind of graphic visuals that can be obtained from this beauty.







Obviously taking a video would make so much more sense.  but i would cover up my technical/internet inadequacy by saying a picture is best seen live, and any representation of it would just be .. blasphemous.

The sound is amazing too.  it has a speaker box on the top that produces good quality sound.  low-fi and sweetly vintage.  I will put together something soon and put it up.  maybe on the myspace site.

till next time.

Jay, if you’re reading this we are going to Belmont to shop.  i think they have much stuff you’d be interested in.. not erm musically though.  (no cymbals/drums/thrones sorry…)

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