hello Perthlings, I come in peace.

what better way than to smoothen our travelling transition that to soak in some good aussie juice.  By that i do not mean licking dry a footy guernsey. . I mean finding a new friend in the 40 by 20 by 20 carton and starting a new and exciting life together.

There are many of such friends to choose from, some of whom you might already have met in singapore.  But this particular one i think tops them all.  I can (well.. ) call him Rogers.

welcome Rogers to the room.


the induction.


didnt take long for him to feel at home - even rocking out to my music.

Rogers and the papers

Rogers and the papers

Rogers at the computer

Rogers at the computer

Rogers and the guitar

Rogers and the guitar

Rogers in the sack

Rogers in the sack

well.. a little background info.  Rogers was born in a brewery in Freo called Little Creatures.  And like his birthplace suggests, Roger is quite a character, floral, smooth, but with enough hops to make it stand out like a mogwai in a barbie doll house.  I love it , and so will you Ryan and Daniel.  ill have um. two for the you everytime i have a drink.

here are some pictures of his birthplace.


Little Creatures invitation


the long shot


at the bar


half empty.. half full


beer is actually dispensed direct from the steel drums. I dont know why but that looks like a good thing...

So. Rogers now joins the list of best friends i have since i came to Perth.. namely, Peanut, gold cars, cellular walls, googlemap, chai, and 60 GB internets.

I think its gonna be a blast.

… come join me anytime. 🙂

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