another guitar (Freo)

yea heres another guitar i tried at a music shop in Freo.. really small shop with unrecognizable brands – and unrecognizable instruments, which in my case is always a good thing.

not feeling very adventurous, i proceeded to try the most unique looking electric guitar i found.

Onyx guit through 65 Kustom

Onyx guit through 65 Kustom

it was an Onyx guitar… dont ask me what the hell that is, i havent a clue.  And testing it didnt bring out anything cos i only hit the bridge pickup . .the blend as well as neck pickup wasn’t working (not quite showroom quality is it).  So the end of the test drive, i discovered i was testing the amp more than anything.   The guitar was woody.. but didnt give the raw grunge i was quite expecting.  (am i just hearing an L6 & P90s in my head??)  Oh. and there was that ostentatious sticker at the back that said ‘Made in China’.  I cant believe how anyone would proudly display that.  It might as well have been marketed as a Power Ranger or any one of those mass produced toys.. needless to say that tarnished the image of a promising instrument.  The shopkeeper Jake (not his real name) wanted to charge me 550 for it, after he promised to wire the pickups. . Jake, to that, i say, ” heh.. . heh.. .  heh. . .”

heres an interesting sign though. IMG_0643

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