this is the (new)

What up world.

i figured i’d start wrting about the relocation that is currently under way .

Singapore —– Perth

date moved: 22nd June 2009.

So we didn’t have the ice cream smooth transition that we had hoped – for one, the airline we were flying didnt spare us any leverage on the baggage so after much tussling, we managed to bring the penalty fees down to 560.  needless to say, there were some frayed nerves and harsh words even before the anxiety of leaving our home country had actually set in.

I know now that it was purely our fault.. and maybe Mustafa’s, as lynette would argue.

Touching down at 2am in the morning, i guess it was the cold and fatigue from flying that provided the silences between us.  And further, reaching the house in pitch darkness, each trying to settle into a room that was a tad too small for our luggages, we were just happy to get a night’s rest.

That was to be our temporary accomodations for a max of 3 weeks while we waited to find.  they were nice abodes – though small.. but it was interesting cos we were rooming in this two dudes rooms who were Jack and Daniel .. and nothing in their rooms was reminiscent of a whiskey chugging, barf ridden alchie – seems they never caught on to the irony.

(but we took some matters into our own hands 🙂


the short is – we moved out shortly after 2 weeks, and are now staying in comfortable apartments, mine of which will be displayed in a separate blog.

a week after arriving i also went to Mandurah for a SymbioticA seminar entitled ‘Adaptations’ which brought artists, RMIT architecture students and SymbioticA affiliates to Lake clifton for a week of intensive workshops .  More on that in seperate posts.

but heres the websites.

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