Perth’s new offering

Heres  a glimpse into the living quarters that i have claimed for myself.. . its a small space, not necessarily the most functional, but it complements my unique hobbies quite well. plus. as a Masters student in UWA, i get a desk to myself in a room at school so this really means that i can afford to never bring work home.  . (But therein lies the adaptataion – the instant reflex to that statement is that it is impossible to allow home to remain an area for rest/recreation/freedom away from work. . but in Perth, it seems it really is possible! . . I need to curb my Asian responses and enjoy life)

So heres some photos of the space- albeit after moving stuff around to make it a bit more cosy.. and of course purchasing new lights… still some  minimal furniture needs to come in – like a TV , a tv cabinet, and a beanbag for those lazy evenings.  would make a nice set for 2.

the thing that i love about it, that had me all excited the moment i viewed the room was the brick walls. that were covered in blue paint but yet still retained the texture of the underlying cellular structure, giving the room a smooth easy New York back street jazz kinda feel.  Maybe some neon signposts would be in order.  . not to mention, a drug dealer and perhaps another 20 rubbish bins.   At the moment there are two other housemates who are really nice and generous with their stuff, not like some other unreasonably proprietary house mates we’ve encountered.  One’s a Singaporean and another ‘s a Malaysian and it already looks like we’l have a blast hanging out together in coming weeks.

I think all i really need in a room is space that i can customize, a big view and a nice bed.  heh now how easy is that in a city like this.  Lynette loves the room though, which is good so we can hang out here together.

(theres space for another mattress on the floor too Amais, Daniel, Jay and anyone else who might feel like visiting)

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