Perth’s first Blog. lets try to keep this one regular

Hello .. .after 4 prior posts ..

heres one that talks about today.. the 16th July.

well the weather today is really nice. windy about 17 degrees. so im in a t shirt and fishermans. but i cant step out of the house without a coat .  Still .. its a good day with strong sunlight. 🙂

so .. i guess i’ve really been around quite a bit.

i love freeo – freemantle .. even though the Freemantle Dockers arent doing well at all in the AFL.  but nontheless the suburb is pretty bo-ho, with shops selling indian spices and apparals, street performers, buskers, palm readers and a whole eclectic range of people that i quite like.  I also like the fact that their fish and chips are the best in WA, and that their brewery Little Creatures is quite the best place in the world.. (i think ill be doing my dreads there real soon)

Between Freeo and Nedlands (where Lynette and I stay) there are a host of suburbs – Claremont, Cottlesloe, etc etc. i stop at most music shops just to take a look and yesterday we were in clarmont and we walked into Zenith Music, a massive 4 story complex dedicated to all forms of musical instruments.  walking down stairs to their guitar collection i picked up a really interesting guitar . . an acoustic with a floating bridge kinda like a hollow-bodied electric.  It sounded very interesting – deep resonant from the lower strings, but yet bright and colourful at the top ends.  there was also a bit of a scoop in the mids , which made for a very good experience for strat-lovin me.  Apparently, it is a reissue of a classic jazz guitar – the slemer played by the likes of John Jorgenson.  selmer.  as i found out, is actually a very reputed maker of saxophones, clarinets and bassoons… so this makes it even more desirable.  albeit the price is not quite palatable at this point of time. . . well actually anything above 500 bucks is gonna be pretty depressing so this one which was close to 2k was no exception.

Nontheless, im trying to do the Jay thing and work at the shop sometime and get a staff discount. 🙂

heres a picture of the guitar

Gitane DG250M

Gitane DG250M

Oh and. just cos you asked for it daniel, heres the gold car.. bad pic but i had to take it when the owners were not around.

Bling BLing

Bling BLing


  1. Daniel · · Reply

    It doesnt look gold enough… Needs to be really gold to go with the gold watch and the golden gangsta dreads..

  2. That golden ride is bloody badass.

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