The Road from Away Part Two

So i took the bike out tonight again.  It was a really nice night and the cool breeze was just what i needed after a pretty heated circuit in the brain.  things arent going too good to say the very least, but if theres even the assurance of something – its that theres always a place you can go to be alone (well not really.. unless you count the infinite as nothing), and assume whatever pensive/frustrated/melancholic mood you want.

I cycled the same way i did this few months… pedaling along the ECP onto fort road .. but then into ‘uncharted territory’ towards the bridge at the Indoor Stadium.  There were some notable occurrences.  For a start, i went past a dude who was practising his saxophone scales at East Coast.  It was interesting, cos the whole time i was listening to the concert of crickets, the drone of cars across distance, the rush of wind as though it were an orchestral recital .. or at least, in John Cage’s terms .. musical.  And then almost as though smarting from a dream, those sax tones jolted my ears as i slipped back into the dichotomy between performative and quotidian sound, unable to coalesce the saxophone as part of the environment. I thought it might be good to try and hear everything at a go, but before i could think about it, i had gone far enough to return to my petite environmental concerto.

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