Trimpin on the big screen?

well we’re hoping he gets there.



Inventor, sculptor and undisputed musical genius Trimpin gets his due credit in a feature-length documentary entitled ‘Trimpin – The Sound of Invention” set to premiere at SXSW film fest 09

Also featured within this documentary is his work with experimental classical group Kronos Quartet, very prominent in my books for their performance of Terry Riley ‘Sun Rings’ – a composition inspired by sounds sequestered from the Casinni Space Mission to Saturn.   Particularly memorable parts include a quick quib between the ever so child-like Trimpin and legendary violinist David Harrington during one of their brain-storming sessions :

Trimpin: There has to be…. one violin has to be smashed.

Harrington: I can’t do that.

Trimpin: So, er, we could smash a cheap cello?


Setting the mood for an interesting discussion of classical and experimental, newly found sounds and subverted contexts, instrumentation and improvisation, i would say this film is truly something to look forward to.  Not only to celebrate the life and works of the genius that Trimpin is, but also to acknowledge the trend in musical innovation and collaboration that is engaging more and more musicians, scientists and engineers in a delightfully sanguine narrative of their own.


Trimpin: The Sound of Invention.

trailers on this page:

Trimpin : the man:

Kronos Quartet:




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