The rainiest day

Some may remember this day, it was amazingly wet. 12th April 2008.  So i decided it was worth capturing on the only camera i had on me at that time.  Pardon the resolution.

Singapore’s weather has been nothing short of erratic, rain and sun dont seem to be following their instructions anymore… like how rain clouds dont necessarily bring rain (or thunder for that matter.. ref. previous post) and bring strong sun doesn’t mean it cant rain.  To make matters worse, when its hot, its blazing hot, and when its cold, well you can see from the pictures.  It means wipers at full speed, hazard lights on and driving down to an excruciating 40-60 km/h.

so my sister and I decided to make use of the opportunity to take some photographs of the water doing lindy hops across the windows of the car.

Rain rain go away
come again another day.
Little Suzzy wants to play.

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