Birthday Celebrations.

i’ve decided on a new set of sound recordings…

see, since iv got a pretty reliable field recorder, some pretty easy tactile interfaces for audio manipulation, im thinking this would not only be easy, it would also be really interesting.

I crash a party, record a segment of audio from the celebration, say the Birthday song, or the buffet.. or the stripper or something like that, and then on site, i upload it and play it through the interfaces, inviting the birthday person to “play” with the sound file, recording his/her input back into the computer.

Simple eh, but it might just pull off a pretty interesting end to a birthday celebration, or at least fill a library of sound files with jovial sound, and happy memories.. as opposed to voyeuristic sound clips devoid of most (but not all) human interaction. it’d be really cool to be at a kid’s party though, to retain a significant aspect of the “play” mandate.. since adults are generally more conscious of a politically correct way to create. maybe someone around the age of 7-9. that’d be ideal. .. if and only if he/she doesn smash my computer/midi interface/key controller/kaoss pad/ whatever instrument i use at the end of the event 🙂

maybe ill bring my leash heh.. some kids can be pure animals!

Its sad though cos I missed this opportunity at Kienan’s birthday in January. He’s such a curious little boy i think this exercise would’ve been really rewarding.

sO ill upload it when it gets in. maybe after that i could polish it up, make a short introduction, some music at the end and it’d be good as an MP3 gift for the birthday person. 🙂 maybe even a music video heh.

Till then.

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