Another Soccer Match

This time, its the Singapore Armed Forces vs the New Radiants, who are ironically from the Maldives and are as tanned as burnt grass.

But here goes though, a really interesting match with plenty to think about in terms of missed chances and runs thats should have happened but were being kept away for whatever collegial strategy we will never know. A cool thing that happened though, there was a middle aged man sitting in front of me, who was as uncouth as a teenage gangster and happened to shout at everything that was going on. so we can hear some of his rantings in the clips. Also, there were 2 penalties in the match, one went in, and one was missed deep into extra time. Imagine the uproar… well go hear it :

I think it was betting night for some folks. so the Ah bengs turned up in full force, throwing obscenities and curt remarks at the players. There was a point where there was a guy standing up holding on to his slippers and threatening to throw it onto the pitch. It was hilarious i tell you.
So heres the first clip, where SAFFC’s lead striker and captain missed what could’ve been the best opportunity of the match.

And here’s the second, deep into extra time to give home team the win, Ashrin Shariff the substitute blasts the ball high over the right top corner of the goal. End result, SAFFC 1 New Radiants 1

All audio recorded with Zoom H4 on tripod conspicuously perched on the seat next to me.

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