We will rock you

i caught the musical this evening, and i must say, it was amazing. sound was awesome, guitar tone was really good, though it really was the fingers of the not 1 but 2 lead guitarists that were making all the harmonic nuances ring through the mix. Mig’s voice is simply the best, and the back up vocalists were all stellar in their own right.

brought some life to the rather dismal mood iv been swimming about in much of the day.

but heres the thing about musicals that i dont like. Childish, kitsch and unabashedly garish. Even the most legendary of rock acts had to adopt the soft-core pantomime style that we see all Broadway musicals. (All, except the holy one = The phantom of course. heh.)

But my point is, to take the iconic music/songs/chilling lyrics and anthemic choruses of a band like Queen away from the live stage of sweat, inspiration, and just pure energy into a theatre like the esplanade is like putting a couple of footballers in the library and asking them to play in context. There is a stark incongruence. Even Mig sounded like he was on helium when he wasn singing.

I wonder what Dave Navarro and the folks at INXS must be thinking as they watch this. would they accept it cos the musical has obviously done very well and has won accolades from people moving in very high circles, or would they be laughing at the diapers that Mig has put on to perpetuate his struggle for fame and fortune, i guess we would never know. At the last part of the musical, Scaramuche, played by Talia Kodesh even looks at Galileo (Mig) and exclaims, ” You wanna be a rock star? You didn even make it on Rock Star INXS”. That brought a laugh to the audience and i laughed too, but only in support of the man. i was imagining what it must have done to his pride, what he had to quell and suppress repeatedly till it ossified like a hidden ruby in his ego.

But of course, this might not be the case, and perhaps Mig is a truly affable chap who does not adopt the airs of the typical rock band foreman, so doing this would be like Gurmit Singh putting on contractor boots. And to be fair to the bloke, he was supposed to be a young school boy in the musical.

Apparently when the show was first realized in 2002 at the West-end, it was heavily criticised by critics, but the audience loved it and it was the longest running show there.

So i guess the public have won in this case, not the critical but knowledgeable pundits of music theorists and theatre buffs, but the bored, back-scratching office person who exerts his power in the form of a united ignorance. Even Brian May and Roger Taylor had a loathing for musicals prior to working on this one, undoubtedly for pantomime’s ability to bring out the gut-wrenching sickening sweetness of a high school fantasy, but with millions of dollars in royalty falling into their retired laps, even the King himself could be swerved.

I compare the musical maybe unfairly, to rock concerts of similar nature.. i should have thought better. the way you bring a laugh literally in your hands to force feed yourself at a standup comedy event even though you wouldn’t laugh at these jokes out of context, i should’ve brought my prepubescent consciousness along with me and allow the suspension of belief some freedom to roam. heh maybe then i would’ve been up on my feet shaking my hips and singing at a voice that came right from nicely polished shrunken balls.


I loved their rendition of Bohemian rhapsody though, it was a beautiful translation of the music video onto stage. Great play with the lights, though it didn really achieve the same effect as the queen classic – the original version had a slight tinge of a drifty, imagination space, this one had a lot of movements going on … also, it happened a little after the first bow, so i was sitting there half expecting them to start waving to the audience halfway through the song and start yet another elaborate curtain call. but kudos to the band cos they really sounded tight and great. And thankfully the 2 main casts walked offstage in character. 🙂

you dont believe me now when i tell you i enjoyed myself
i better go check my nuts.

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  1. just ran across this in a search…thought I’d say that this was a very fascinating take on WWRY. Have you heard the leads own work? Annie Crummer and MiG Ayesa both have CD’s and they are quite different from what they do in WWRY.

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