Sacrifice (2008)

The latest installation put up under the Corner 79 banner.

Sacrifice (2008)
Holy Week Art Installation
Grace Methodist Church Foyer

Candle, Wires and Foot Bath

solitary Candle burns at
a single wire that
it is its only support

for it to let itself fall
from height and glory
to teach us love

that flows so freely.
As a servant bent over to wash
dirty feet

even more our King
in love and humility, suffered
to cleanse and give us a path to life.

Sacrifice displays the essence of a loving God who relinquished his divine status, offering his physical body to the sufferings of cruciform sentence in payment for the price of sin and unrighteousness.

Done By:

Corner 79 Team
With help from : Lee EnPing, Mark Foo, Ben Yap, Reuben Ong and Uncle Leong

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