The run that took away my ears

went for a run with my sister and brother at 1045pm around the estate. I thought it’d be nice to get out after the rain and listening to the nice swish of tyres over puddles on a cool night, plus i really need a workout.

Well there were a couple of nice swishes, bicycle tyres as well, rattling crescendos as they passed us, even a bullfrog or two performing their baritone of bulbous swells… but that was it. After the run, which was over so fast i hardly remembered what happened during it, i realized i had stopped listening after a while to the surroundings. In fact, i only remember the dull thuds of my feet on the pavements and roads echoing through my ankles, knees and hip joints.

The run had taken away my ears, and i had started hearing with my feet.

I mean its obvious that sound is made of vibrations and that its pretty obvious that that’s gonna go through your body, but you expect the vibrations as a sensation adjunct to normal hearing and not something that overtakes it. But its an interesting experience to run till you enclose yourself in this little sonorous tunnel. umph the hearing equivalent of tunnel vision, although in tunnel vision the central item intensifies. In tunnel sonority, it’s like a gaussian blur comes into your ears and everything kinda loses focus; becomes echoic and resonant at a frequency not unlike that of standing in the drain under a busy road.

It was interesting, though only on hindsight, but perhaps this is what happens when someone starts to faint/die/collapse. Never really thought about what it would sound like.. to die. But it might be somewhat like this…. where everything starts to merge into each other in a dull reverberation, and everything sound loses its focus except the thud, thud thud of the heart echoing through the body, slowing… slowing… down.

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