Fragility 2007

Fragility is a 3-part project exploring the grey areas between solid and abstract.

As a sound art piece, it is an aural exploration of the grey lines between sounds in quotidian environment, their reference to the visual; and the music brought about by abstracting these sounds through sonic manipulation.  Taking distinct qualities from patches of ambience and playing with sound’s inherent quality to signify anything other than its own, we experience waves of auditory perception where sounds shift back and forth, from being visually gratified in our minds to being appreciated for their abstract musical qualities.  It is the subjective configuration of these meanings that witnesses the breaking apart and coming together of sounds in musique concrete.  And it is this process that makes them thus fragile.

1.              Sounds lose grounding when taken out of their contextual referentiality

2.              Sounds become fragile, tossed about in waves of perception, breaking apart.

3.              They move from appearing solid to abstract and back again through sonic manipulation.  Elements of familiarity appear in abstract portions.

4.              Metaphysical dimension of reality and augmented reality through listening – where reality and the imagination intertwine.


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