The picture that could set to sail a thousand ships


This is my favourite cat called LeoPaws “International Rouge Bastard Number 1”.. taken from a Rushdie book that i was going through around the time he came into our family .. somehow thats an affectionate term.

He cries a lot. meow really doesn cut it cos he really does sound like an infant wailing away in the kitchen. He loves playing with bouncing stuff, and is adorably timid, cos its funny when he shies away from bouncing balls that are slightly bigger than his face. .. plus he brings a new meaning to “jump in fright”. The last time we were playing ball in my mom’s bedroom there was a sudden loud bang, and i swear he jumped so high he could’ve kicked my face.

Otherwise he’s like any other cat.. curious, active, horny.. with a pension for mauling crawling insects and (even) low-flying birds. Thank goodness he doesn’t do that anymore though.. the birds. lizards and cockroaches are fine, but when you have a dead, bloody bird in a mess on the kitchen floor you start wondering if theres even a tinge of guilt going through his head..

One thing though, is he loves his freedom, and he loves people. i cant understand why a cat can possess these two qualities simultaneously, since people seem to be the ones restricting his freedom around here, but he cries constantly to be led out of the kitchen, and when he is out, he cries constantly to be touched/pet/stroked/massaged.. Not really cat-like if you ask me. He doesn even eat half as much as the other cat in the kitchen.. who i might put up a photo of sometime soon, although she’s so fat her picture might crash my wordpress site.

(reminds me of a joke – yo mama so fat that when she fell in love, she broke it)

But thats some of the reason why Leo always is a hit with guests when they are human guests. cos they love how friendly (dog-like) he is. He even has a feeding container with a print of two bones on it..

Whatever the case, no life is free of hardships/disease/abuse so sadly Leo gets a bit of some of that. I shallnt go into detail but circumstances force such figures into place.

but we love him very much at the end of the day.. and we’re just enjoying his company however long God will give him to us for.


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